Magill Grain Store is a family owned business specializing in all types of grain, fodder and bird seeds for a variety of pet animals.


Did you know chickens require a high intake of protein to aid production of good eggs and feathers? It is highly recommended to include commercial poultry pellets in your chicken’s diet. Magill Grain Store stocks many options in commercial poultry pellets for you to choose from. These contain all necessary nutrients in the right quantities for the chicken’s wholesome growth.

We also stock feed containers, straw for bedding, boxes for nesting, medication to protect them against worms, lice and mite, vitamin supplements, as well as wood shavings.


Birds function more diversely than their animal counterparts. Their dietary requirements are also different and vary with the size of the bird. While some birds eat in the wee hours of the morning, some others might hog all day. Experts recommend providing a varied diet to pet birds with a healthy mix of commercial bird feed and natural wonders from your garden like fresh fruits, flowers, green vegetables etc.

At Magill Grain Store, we take extra caution to ensure the bird food products are clean and adhere to quality guidelines. We offer food for parrots of all sizes, pigeon mix, canary food, budgies and finch, amongst other. See our product portfolio here.


Cats are hardcore carnivores. Therefore, feeding them dog food will wreak havoc with their body, as dog food is rich in carbohydrates but lacks other nutrients. Similarly, giving your cat a diet of only meat deprives them of the calcium needed for healthy bones.

It is advised to opt for commercial cat food to make your cat’s daily diet balanced and nutritious.


Horses require a high intake of fibre which they derive from hay and grass. At Magill Grain Store, we stock a comprehensive selection of different hay varieties including Oaten, Meadow and Lucerne. See our stock here.

Our hay is available round the year, so you never have to struggle about finding food for your horse!


Your pup is the apple of your eye, isn’t he? Give him the wholesome, nutritional, balanced diet with Magill Grain Store’s range of premium quality dog food. All the products we stock are low processed to keep the nutrients intact.

We source from a number of reputed brands including Supercoat, Pedigree and Cobber, so you can rest assured of giving your dog healthy, good quality food.


A nutritionally rich diet for a pet rabbit should include upto 80% grass or hay, and rest 20% a variety of green leafy vegetables. Rabbits need high fibre intake to keep a tab on their teeth growth.

On the other hand, guinea pigs tend to develop a liking to a particular food type in their early days. Their wholesome diet must have fresh fruits and vegetables, hay and sporadic intakes of commercial pellets.


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